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Heather Lane

I am so looking forward to this ebook. As a ballroom dancer recovering from a fracture, this is just in time! As a Pilates teacher this will help me aid clients with connecting to the back body. An important subject from a gifted teacher. I can't wait!

Deb Markanton

"I love this subject. I'm not really a "how-to" book sort of reader but this subject interests me because I have poor posture, my feet hurt, and I know that I'm not using my body correctly. I would read this to see if I can change any of those things. I'm excited about this book! You are a gifted teacher and you truly have a talent for this."
Deb Markanton


I look forward to this e-book. The visualization of an instructive text through pictures, video, and photos seems brilliant. Great topic and applicable to so many of us. Can't wait!

Ronda Church

You know, you amaze me with all the images you are able to conjure in my head as I read this book. That's because you don't take yourself too seriously when doing it. I also find it imaginative and refreshing and very writerly. This piece gives me a different view of my body. The fact that straight lines is a fallacy is cool! I love the analogies you use here for this last part!! - Ronda Church

Elizabeth Andes-Bell

Heads up to every woman who just feels sexier and more powerful in heels but pays the painful price at the end of the day... This is the book we have all been waiting for!

God Bless you Herald!

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